Sunday morning

''Hey, Owner... What are you doing?''

Me: ''I'm just surfing the web while having my breakfast.''

''Oh, I thought you were working on my blog.''

Me: ''No, sorry...''

''Do you mind if I just sit here and watch you?''

Me: ''You want to watch me while I eat and read? Well... Be my guest...''

''I'm bored already.''

Me: ...


''What's up with the Christmas lights? Aren't you going to take them down? ''

Me: ''They're white... And we kind of like them.''

''Wait, did you hear that?''

Me: ''What are you talking about?''

''Doggie is coming our way...''

Me: ''That's ok. She's allowed to go anywhere she wants.''

''No. Not while we're having our quality time, just the two of us.''

Me: ...

''Hey, are you done with that bagel?''

Me: ''Not really but...''

''Back off Dog! I asked for it FIRST!''


Wintertime blues

''This feels awsome...''

''I LOVE summer...''

Me: ''I don't mean to disappoint you, but it's not summer yet... We still have about 2 months of winter ahead.''

''What? What did you just say?''

Me: ''It's only February, you know...''

''Oh. I see...''

''I'll take a nap now...''

''Until April... at least.''