The chair

Me: ''What are you doing on my chair?''

''Well, you were obviously not using it so...''

Me: ''You know this chair is a NO-NO.''

''A no-no??? Isn't it some kind of japanese theatre?''

Me: ''It means it's forbidden.''

''Why? Give me one good reason.''

Me: ''It's black. You have white fur.''

''Oh, right...''

''But I love this chair... Because it's yours. Sitting here makes me feel closer to you.''

Me: ''Hum... I don't really buy it but, thanks. You still need to get down.''


Me: ''Unless what?''

''Unless we sit on it... together.''

Me: ...


Mister's favourite game

Me: ''Hey Mister M! Do you want to come inside?''

''What? You want me to come through the window?''

Me: '' No wait, I'll open the door for you.''


Me: ''There you go!''

''What took you so long?''

Me: ''What do you mean? It took me like 5 seconds!''

''You mean like 5 hours.''

Me: ''Are you coming in?''

''Maybe I will...''

''Maybe I won't...''

Me: ''Well, let me know when you make your decision. Meanwhile, I'll put the treats away.''

''The what?''

Me: ''You heard me.''

''Ok, I'm coming in. But I want to see the treats first.''



Mister Minoune has a newfound passion: he likes to watch me while I'm cooking.

Me: ''What are you doing? I thought you were on your way to the basement.''

''Yes yes, in a minute...''

Me: ...

''Do I smell spaghetti sauce?''

Me: ''No, I'm making braised chicken with sausage.''

''Well, it sure smells good...''

Me: ...

''Do you want me to taste it? I'll tell you if it lacks seasoning.''

Me: ''No, I'm good, thanks.''

''But I'm the chicken expert here...''

Me: ''Eating chicken flavoured Fancy Feast doesn't make you a chicken expert.''

Oh my God! She dropped something on the floor!

Can I grab it before she does?

Me: ''I see you Mister. Don't get your hopes up. Anyway, It's a carrot... You wouldn't like it.''

Maybe I would have. I guess we'll never know, unless...

''Hey Owner, did you hear that? I think there's someone at the front door. Yes, go. Take your time...''