Mister's favourite game

Me: ''Hey Mister M! Do you want to come inside?''

''What? You want me to come through the window?''

Me: '' No wait, I'll open the door for you.''


Me: ''There you go!''

''What took you so long?''

Me: ''What do you mean? It took me like 5 seconds!''

''You mean like 5 hours.''

Me: ''Are you coming in?''

''Maybe I will...''

''Maybe I won't...''

Me: ''Well, let me know when you make your decision. Meanwhile, I'll put the treats away.''

''The what?''

Me: ''You heard me.''

''Ok, I'm coming in. But I want to see the treats first.''


  1. Oh I'd love to play that game! But I'm not allowed to go outside. Darn.

  2. It would be lovely if our humans learned to carry the treats outside to us. It would be much more convenient I think.

    Luff Mungo