Mister Minoune has a newfound passion: he likes to watch me while I'm cooking.

Me: ''What are you doing? I thought you were on your way to the basement.''

''Yes yes, in a minute...''

Me: ...

''Do I smell spaghetti sauce?''

Me: ''No, I'm making braised chicken with sausage.''

''Well, it sure smells good...''

Me: ...

''Do you want me to taste it? I'll tell you if it lacks seasoning.''

Me: ''No, I'm good, thanks.''

''But I'm the chicken expert here...''

Me: ''Eating chicken flavoured Fancy Feast doesn't make you a chicken expert.''

Oh my God! She dropped something on the floor!

Can I grab it before she does?

Me: ''I see you Mister. Don't get your hopes up. Anyway, It's a carrot... You wouldn't like it.''

Maybe I would have. I guess we'll never know, unless...

''Hey Owner, did you hear that? I think there's someone at the front door. Yes, go. Take your time...''


  1. When she goes to the door, skip the carrot and go straight for the chicken! :)

  2. Oh Yes! Get to the good stuff first thing!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  3. I wouldn't try the carrot. Just wait patiently, she's bound to leave the good stuff unattended some time, and then you need to be ready...

    1. Yeah, carrots don't seem very tasty. I'll be ready next time!
      - MM

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