Don't mess with Mister M.

''Oh my gawd! Is this for me?''

''Owner put it there. Must be for me.''

''Let me get my paw on this yummy bagel...''

''Why did you take it away, Owner? What kind of sick game are you playing?''

''You like this vase?''

''How about I take it away from you... by throwing it on the floor...''


The writer

''Guess what Owner! I'm going to publish a book that will make me rich and famous!''

Me: ''Really? I didn't know you could write.''

''Well, if you can, I guess it's not that difficult.''

Me: ...

''That's ok if you don't care about my project. I'll keep it all to myself.''

Me: ''Ok... Tell me what your book is about.''

''It's about things that matter to me...''

''It's going to be profound, but also...''



''It's going to be a real page-turner...''

Me: ''That sounds really promising!''

''Yes. Now I just have to write it.''


Sunday morning

''Hey, Owner... What are you doing?''

Me: ''I'm just surfing the web while having my breakfast.''

''Oh, I thought you were working on my blog.''

Me: ''No, sorry...''

''Do you mind if I just sit here and watch you?''

Me: ''You want to watch me while I eat and read? Well... Be my guest...''

''I'm bored already.''

Me: ...


''What's up with the Christmas lights? Aren't you going to take them down? ''

Me: ''They're white... And we kind of like them.''

''Wait, did you hear that?''

Me: ''What are you talking about?''

''Doggie is coming our way...''

Me: ''That's ok. She's allowed to go anywhere she wants.''

''No. Not while we're having our quality time, just the two of us.''

Me: ...

''Hey, are you done with that bagel?''

Me: ''Not really but...''

''Back off Dog! I asked for it FIRST!''


Wintertime blues

''This feels awsome...''

''I LOVE summer...''

Me: ''I don't mean to disappoint you, but it's not summer yet... We still have about 2 months of winter ahead.''

''What? What did you just say?''

Me: ''It's only February, you know...''

''Oh. I see...''

''I'll take a nap now...''

''Until April... at least.''


The chair

Me: ''What are you doing on my chair?''

''Well, you were obviously not using it so...''

Me: ''You know this chair is a NO-NO.''

''A no-no??? Isn't it some kind of japanese theatre?''

Me: ''It means it's forbidden.''

''Why? Give me one good reason.''

Me: ''It's black. You have white fur.''

''Oh, right...''

''But I love this chair... Because it's yours. Sitting here makes me feel closer to you.''

Me: ''Hum... I don't really buy it but, thanks. You still need to get down.''


Me: ''Unless what?''

''Unless we sit on it... together.''

Me: ...


Mister's favourite game

Me: ''Hey Mister M! Do you want to come inside?''

''What? You want me to come through the window?''

Me: '' No wait, I'll open the door for you.''


Me: ''There you go!''

''What took you so long?''

Me: ''What do you mean? It took me like 5 seconds!''

''You mean like 5 hours.''

Me: ''Are you coming in?''

''Maybe I will...''

''Maybe I won't...''

Me: ''Well, let me know when you make your decision. Meanwhile, I'll put the treats away.''

''The what?''

Me: ''You heard me.''

''Ok, I'm coming in. But I want to see the treats first.''



Mister Minoune has a newfound passion: he likes to watch me while I'm cooking.

Me: ''What are you doing? I thought you were on your way to the basement.''

''Yes yes, in a minute...''

Me: ...

''Do I smell spaghetti sauce?''

Me: ''No, I'm making braised chicken with sausage.''

''Well, it sure smells good...''

Me: ...

''Do you want me to taste it? I'll tell you if it lacks seasoning.''

Me: ''No, I'm good, thanks.''

''But I'm the chicken expert here...''

Me: ''Eating chicken flavoured Fancy Feast doesn't make you a chicken expert.''

Oh my God! She dropped something on the floor!

Can I grab it before she does?

Me: ''I see you Mister. Don't get your hopes up. Anyway, It's a carrot... You wouldn't like it.''

Maybe I would have. I guess we'll never know, unless...

''Hey Owner, did you hear that? I think there's someone at the front door. Yes, go. Take your time...''