Let it snow (part II)

''I'm ready to confront my fear of snow, Owner.''

Me: ''Really?''

''Yes. It will be cold... ''

''Awfully cold...''

''But I will be strong. I'm a warrior. Open the door...''

Me: ''Ok, on the count of three. 1, 2, 3...''



Me: ''Are you ok? It's cold... I will close the door now.''

''Wait. Aren't you coming with me?''


Let it snow...


''Is it what I think it is?''

''You said the snow would melt overnight, Owner.''

''I'm getting tired of your lies.''


While Owner was away...

...I used Owner's laptop to register on an online dating site.

''Hello ladies. I'm Mister Minoune. I can be serious...''

''..and I can be sexy. Grrrrr...''

''I love to relax in front of an imaginary fireplace.''

''I love to daydream and recite poetry...''

''...and I also like to kill mice.''


A Christmas wish

Me: ''What are you doing?''

''I'm trying to get a tan before we leave for Dominican Republic.''

Me: ''What? What are you talking about? We're not going to Dominican Republic.''

''But that's what I asked for in my letter to Santa Claus...''

Me: ''I'm sorry kitty, but Santa doesn't give trips to Dominican Republic. He only brings toys and treats.''

''Bad Santa.''


You're fired

Me: ''What are you doing on MY chair?'

''You are no longer my secretary, Owner. I'm going to write the blog myself from now on.''

Me: ''Haha! Good luck with that! Well, I have other things to do. See you later!''


10 minutes later...



''I hate November.''

''It's cold. And it will only get colder...''

''I want to move to Hawaii.''

Me: ''Hey Mister M! Why so gloomy?''

''Let's see... Because it will be snowing soon? Because my life is over?''

Me: ''Oh, come on! You like to stay inside. Do you want to play a game?''

''What kind of game?''

Me: ''What about hide and seek? I'll hide. It will be fun!''

''Wow. That sounds fantastic.''

Me: ''Now, I'm going to hide. Don't look!''

''I'm looking at the ceiling. Cant' see you.''

Me: ''Ok, go!''

''There you are.''

Me: ''Oh no! You found me already?!

''Is that what you call hiding?''

Me: ''Your turn now!''

''Ok, close your eyes... Yeah, that's it. Don't open them until I tell you to.''


Me: ''Hey! What's taking you so long? Can I open my eyes now??''


Guard kitty

Me: ''Hey Mister M! What are you doing?''

''I'm guarding the neighbour's door.''

Me: ''Oh really? Against what?''

''Squirrels, mice, dogs, demons, zombies, burglars...''

Me: ''Right... You seem to be taking this very seriously.''

''Very. It's a demanding job you know. It's not for everyone.''

Me: ''Yeah, I bet.''

''You got to stay sharp all the time.''

Me: ...

''You must remain focusZzzzzzzzzzz...''

Me: ...



''Owner? I have a few pick-up lines that I would like to try on you 
before I go out to meet the ladies. May I?''

Me: ''Of course! Go ahead!''

''Ok. Let's say that I see an attractive kitteh... First, I give her this look, then I say:
 Hello mademoiselle... Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel.''

Me: ''That's your pick-up line? It's sooooo cliché...''

''Wait, I'm not finished.''

Me: ''Oh, sorry.''

''Then, I wink at her...''

Me: ''You wink at her? Really? It will make you look like a perv...''


Me: ''Hey, I'm just trying to help. You might be rejected, you know. What will you do then? Scream at the poor kitty?''

''Rejected? With this face? You must be kidding me...''

Me: ...


La siesta (part II)

''Who's making all that noise???!!! I was SLEEPING!!!''

''Was it you?''

Me: ''No. It came from outside.''


Me: ''Yes. Just look out the window and see for yourself.''

''There is construction going on...''

''Get out there and tell them to stop. Now.''

Me: ''Haha! Yeah, right. What do you want me to say? Drop everything and go home, my cat needs his beauty sleep!''


Me: ...