The helicopter

There was a protest going on near our home last weekend. A helicopter (from a news station) flew over our neighborhood. Mister Minoune seemed to find the noise very upsetting.

''Did you hear that? What's that noise?''

Me: ''It's a helicopter.''

''Oh, right. What is it doing here?''

Me: ''No idea.''

''I bet it's the paparazzis. They're taking my picture as we speak.''

Me: ...

''They found a new way to spy on me...''


Me: ''Well... I don't mean to contradict you, but I don't think you're the reason they're here.''

''Don't be so naive, Owner.''

''I'll make them go away. Watch me.''

''Hey! Go away, you sleazeballs! Stop chasing me! Leave. NOW!!!''

''Do you think they got the message?''

Me: ...

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