''I hate November.''

''It's cold. And it will only get colder...''

''I want to move to Hawaii.''

Me: ''Hey Mister M! Why so gloomy?''

''Let's see... Because it will be snowing soon? Because my life is over?''

Me: ''Oh, come on! You like to stay inside. Do you want to play a game?''

''What kind of game?''

Me: ''What about hide and seek? I'll hide. It will be fun!''

''Wow. That sounds fantastic.''

Me: ''Now, I'm going to hide. Don't look!''

''I'm looking at the ceiling. Cant' see you.''

Me: ''Ok, go!''

''There you are.''

Me: ''Oh no! You found me already?!

''Is that what you call hiding?''

Me: ''Your turn now!''

''Ok, close your eyes... Yeah, that's it. Don't open them until I tell you to.''


Me: ''Hey! What's taking you so long? Can I open my eyes now??''

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