The chair

Me: ''What are you doing on my chair?''

''Well, you were obviously not using it so...''

Me: ''You know this chair is a NO-NO.''

''A no-no??? Isn't it some kind of japanese theatre?''

Me: ''It means it's forbidden.''

''Why? Give me one good reason.''

Me: ''It's black. You have white fur.''

''Oh, right...''

''But I love this chair... Because it's yours. Sitting here makes me feel closer to you.''

Me: ''Hum... I don't really buy it but, thanks. You still need to get down.''


Me: ''Unless what?''

''Unless we sit on it... together.''

Me: ...


  1. Oh, our sister Pia totally knows about THE chair. She 'shares' it, it actually being HER chair, with mom who barely has room on it to work and complains sometimes. But we know our mom wouldn't have it any other way. Silly mom. Purrs....

    1. Haha! Owner complains A LOT about me walking on her desk or sitting on her chair. But it won't stop me.
      Thanks for visiting my blog! Purrrrs...
      - Mister Minoune

  2. Our Dad has towels on all the chairs. They catch any stray cat fur, and protects against occasional spit-ups and other accidents.

  3. Humans can be so petty sometimes... Just when has some white fur hurt anyone!!

    1. Owner is such a 'precious' girl. I guess you can say petty too...
      - Mister Minoune

  4. Mister Minoune, it is definitely time that your human learned that all chairs, beds, sofas, comfy surfaces, uncomfy surfaces etc, belong to the cats of the house. That chair is yours, but it's very kind of you to offer to share it!