Mr. M is NOT a baby

 ''Why are you covering me with a baby blanket?''

''I'm not a baby. I'm a warrior.''

''Warriors don't need blank... oh wait...''

''This is soft.''

''It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...''

''and sleepy...''



  1. Blankets can make for a nice nap, can't they?

    PS: Do you know you have Dred Word Verify on?

    1. Oh yes. Thanks for visiting my blog!

      P.S. Owner doesn't know what Dred Word Verify is (?)

      - MM

    2. A quick explanation -

      A while ago, the gold-plated geniuses at Google decided to turn Word Verify on for everyone, whether we liked it or not. That means by default there is an image we have to read and interpret as a string of characters. A lot of people have trouble reading the image, and quite often the image is flatly unreadable. Indeed, a lot of cat bloggers won't even try to post if W.V. is on.

      To turn off (or on, if you wish), go to Settings › Posts and comments. About two-thirds of the way down you will see Show word verification ? , with a toggle button. Currently you have it ON. We suspect you will get more comments if you turn if OFF. Don't forget to Save. (button in upper right corner, for some reason)

      Good luck, and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.

  2. I think this only proves you are man enough to have the guts to sleep in a ridiculously cute blanket! I bet you had a great nap there!

    1. Yes, you are so right!
      As much as I hate to admit it, this blanket is amaaaaazing.
      - MM