The lamp of Mister M.

 Me: ''What are you doing here?''

''It's freezing outside. You said I could stay inside.''

Me: ''Yes, but you know you're not supposed to climb on this couch.''

''I'm just sitting like a statue. What's wrong with that?''

Me: ''This is leather. You have claws.''

''So? You have long nails. What's your point?''

Me: ''Get down, please.''

''Wait. I just wanted to have a closer look...''
Me: ''At what?''

''This. This beautiful shiny thing.''

Me: ''The lamp? You wanted to look at the lamp?''

''Yes. I think it's fabulous.''

Me: ...

''Come on, Lamp. Shine for me.''

''I want to see the light.''

Me: ''What are you doing? It's not like the lamp is going to obey you.''

''It won't?! Why??''

Me: ''It's an object. You have to switch it on.''

''Then switch it on, Owner. You're not an object. You can obey me. I mean, you must obey me.''

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