A little resentment

Me: ''So? Are you coming in? I won't wait here all night!''

''Oh really? I waited 3 days for you.''

Me: ''I've told you at least 10 times: I was visiting my family.''

''I've told you at least 20 times: I AM your family.''

Me: (Sigh) ''Well... Do you want to see the gift I bought for you, or should I close the door?''

''A gift?''

Me: ''Here, look...''

''OH. MY. GOD!!!!!''

Me: ''Do you forgive me?''

''Mmmmm... a big bag of treats just for me. Do I smell beef?''

Me: ''Can we call a truce?''

''What? A truce, yeah sure, whatever... These are my favourites. Hurry up! Open the bag!''

Me: ...

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