Mister Minoune's story

During the summer of 2011, we started feeding some stray cats, as there are many in our neighbourhood. One day, we had a new visitor : a beautiful black and white cat with the most stunning blue eyes. We began feeding him and soon, we found him waiting at our door every morning. We suspected he came not only for food, but also for love and care...

At first, we thought he was lost, so we started looking for his owner. After posting ads and checking several ''Lost and found'' websites, we came to the conclusion that he had been abandoned. We didn't want to take a cat in because we already had a crazy dog, called Jester. But, suddenly one day, Mister Minoune became very ill. It worried us so much that we decided to take him to the vet who told us he was infected by a potentially deadly virus. We made a home for him in our basement (away from Jester) and took care of him until he got back on his feet. Our plan was to find him a home, but after having him with us for a couple of weeks, we just couldn't give him away! We felt he had chosen us. That summer, Mister Minoune officially became our cat.

''Hello Beautiful. Got any food for me?''

''I don't always choose my owners, but when I do, I pick the best ones.''**

**Translation : ''I don't always choose my slaves but when I do, I pick the most obedient ones.''

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