The usurper

Me: ''Hi Tom Thumb!''

''What?! It's me, Mister Minoune! Don't you recognize me?''

Me: ''Don't even try Tom. I know we call you Mister Minoune's evil twin brother, but you two don't really look alike.''

''Look! I'm Mister Minoune and I'm eating my food. Nomnomnomnomnom...''

Me: ''Nice try.''

''I'm guarding the house. Go away raccoons!''

''Let me in! I'm going to take a nap in the basement.''

Me: ''NO.''

''Ok, I'll lay down here then.'' (sigh)

Me: ''Are you sure you want to do that Tom Thumb?''

''Yeah Tom Thumb... Are you sure?''

Mister Minoune: ''Who's the boss?''
Tom Thumb : ''You're the boss.''

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