The betrayal

''You said we were going to the beach for a swim.''

Me : ''Well, you didn't swim but you got wet. It's almost the same...''


''It's not the same.''

''If you really love me, take me now and bring me back home.''

Me : ...

''Help me God!''

''Maybe I can escape this way.''

''Or that way... If Crazy let go of my leg.''

Me : ''Look! There's another cat coming in to get groomed. Stop acting like she's torturing you!''

''Run Comrade, run! Before it's too late...''

''You don't want to go through... what I've been through...''


''Enough! Enough!''

''Is it over yet? Yes, I think so.''

''Oh Lord!''

''This. Is. Hell.''

''Please kill me now.''

''I surrender.''

''What are you laughing at, Owner?''


Me : ''It wasn't that bad, was it?''

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