Let's play a game...

Me: ''What are you doing Jester?''

''I'm playing hide and seek with Mister M. He told me to stay here and to count to 200,000.''

Me: ''Really? And now you're at...?''

''Eh, 27... 28...29...''

Me: ''Ok ok, please stop counting.'' 

''But Mister told me to...''

Me: ''I think Mister Minoune is just messing with you. He's outside. You are playing alone.''

''He's hiding outside? You weren't supposed to tell me!''

Me: ''No, you don't understand. Mister Minoune is taking a nap on the balcony. HE'S NOT PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK WITH YOU.''

''It's a trick, right? You're on Mister's team and he asked you to mislead me.''

Me: ...

''Just give me one clue. I won't tell him you cheated.''


Me: '' Hey Mister M! Aren't you supposed to be playing hide and seek with Jester?''


Me: ''He was counting alone in the living room...''

''Really? Woooahahaha!!!''

Me: ''Oh, you think it's funny? What did you tell him exactly?'' 

''I told him to lay down like this...''

''... to cover his eyes and to count to 200,000. I didn't think he would do it!''

Me: ''He thinks you're still playing.''

''I won!''

Me: ...

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