Me: ''Hi Mister M! Do you want to come in?''

''No. I need to talk to you.''

Me: ''I'm listening.''

''Somebody told me that you went to see the kittens in the back alley and you thought 
they were soooo cute. You even brought them a can of MY Fancy Feast. Is that true?

Me: ''Yes, it's true.''

''You think they're cuter than me?''

Me: ''They're kittens! Of course they're adorable! That doesn't mean we find them prettier than you.''

''Is it true that you brought one back here?''

Me: ''What? Who told you that?! We didn't bring back any kitten!''

''You're sure?''

Me: ''Of course I'm sure!''

 ''What was that? Did you hear that noise?''

Me: ''What noise?''

 ''It sounded like... meow.''

Me: ''It's all in your head.''

 ''There's no kitten here? You swear?''

Me: ''YES. I swear.''

''Ok, I believe you...''

Me: ''I hope so!''

''But I'm watching you...''

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