The Mother of all betrayals

Me: ''Hey Mister M! We're going to the pet store to buy treats and cat nip. Aren't you excited?''

''Treats and cat nip?! Oh my God! Hurry up driver!''

''Wait a minute... The pet store is the other way. We're going to...''

''...the vet.''


''I bet your fingers taste amazing. Bring them closer. Cloooooser Doctor...''

''Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! Aaarrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!''

''I'm neutered. Nothing to see here, Pervert.''

''Oh Lord...''

''What's that?!''


''The thermometer? Are you kidding me?"

''Stay calm and plot your revenge.''

''Can we go pleeeeaaase? From now on, I'll be super nice to Jester. I promise.''

Me: ''We're done kitty. You did it like a champ! We can go home now.''

''What did I just say about Jester? I must have been high or something.''

''Now we're going to the pet store. You owe me big time, Traitors.''

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