Trust me... or not.

Meet Jester, Mister Minoune best frenemy (more an enemy than a friend, actually).

Me: ''Hey! Do you know what Mister Minoune did while you were outside?''

''What? What-what-what-what-what-what-what-what????!!!!''

Me: ''He took a nap on your bed.''

''A nap? On MY bed? No. I think you're lying. Like the other day, when you said 
I couldn't have chicken because it would give me chicken pox. That was a lie.''

Me: ''No no, it's true, I'm telling you, a nap on your bed! He also drank water from your bowl.''


Me: ''I think I also saw him licking your food.''

''MY food? Are you sure it wasn't YOUR food?''

Me: ''What?! No!''

''I think you're trying to fool me. Like the other day, when you were eating fries
and you told me I couldn't have some because...''

Me: ''ALL RIGHT, I get it! I lie all the time. You don't have to believe me!''


''Mmmm... Jester's food is yummy...''

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